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Fast Forward

The theme of this fast is grace. Over two months ago I began to pray about doing this in the spring. Not long after, I took up my copy of John Piper’s Future Grace. I listened to the audio version two years ago and there was so much gold to be mined from it thatContinue reading “Fast Forward”

Need Some Rest?

My daily study of Scripture has been in Titus for several days now. This short letter from Paul to Titus, who was on Crete, is packed full of powerful truth. Listen to Verses 1 and 2 in the NIV: “Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ for the faith of God’sContinue reading “Need Some Rest?”

Traditional, Bible-believing churches grow

by Fred L. Miller Much of this article was written by Dr. Michael Brown for, the website of the American Family Association. It has been edited to focus on the research showing how churches that remain committed to orthodox biblical doctrine grow while those who depart from it toward liberalism decline. Brown’s original articleContinue reading “Traditional, Bible-believing churches grow”

Read the Bible. A lot.

We’re a week into the new year. If you committed to daily Bible reading on some plan or schedule, you might already be struggling. Here’s a reminder of the importance of spending time reading Scripture. I recently sat down with my Bible and a plan to finish reading the book of Genesis. I had nineContinue reading “Read the Bible. A lot.”

I’m Sorry, Mr. President.

Credit: Most of the content of this article has been adapted from Alan Shlemon that he posted to Stand to Reason ( In a May 19, 2012 article published by The Blaze, Huffington Post Senior Religion Editor Paul Brandeis Raushenbush engaged the 39th president on various cultural issues in the context of Christianity and Scripture.Continue reading “I’m Sorry, Mr. President.”